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Username Post: Need Help building a dirt circle track motor        (Topic#232760)
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Loc: Scranton, PA
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01-02-10 08:25 PM - Post#1834954    

Hey guys, I have an interesting idea and was wondering if anyone would be interested in helping out. I also think this could help gain ChevyTalk some exposure. I'm currently involved in circle track modified racing and as i'm preparing for the season which starts the beginning of April, I'm faced with the need to build a new motor. I have one motor that our engine builder did a few years ago and he freshens it every winter and runs good, but I want to build a second motor so we can use the one I've been using as a spare and this new one as a primary motor.
The reason i'm building this one myself is because sponsorship money is getting thinner and thinner as the economy sucks so i have to try and keep cost down as much as possible.
A little background on the motor I need to build is a 350-363ci (max allowed by rules) chevy smallblock. I will post the specs from the rule book on the motor from the speedway which lists all the rules/limitations if you guys would like. They have to be naturally aspirated and it needs to make in the low 600-650hp. No compression rules, use VP C12 fuel. Again, i'll gladly post all the rules if anyone is interested in giving advice on parts selection and assembly.

Earlier I said this can give ChevyTalk some exposure and I would do this by putting a spacial thanks and this site's name and web address on the car listed as one of the sponsors. Just lookin for some feedback and interest if there's any in helpin me undertake this project. Thanks again everyone.



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01-03-10 02:25 PM - Post#1835315    
    In response to Amab145

Are you in a claimer class?

If your motor can be claimed, there is no reason for you to build your own motor - and no reason to really debate how your motor is set up. There are quite a few circle track places out there that build claimer motors for specific classes, and they have it engineered down to a science.

You will not be able to out build them for the same amount of money. A lot of circle track racing is controlling costs, and the circle track places are one of the CHEAPEST places to get race parts from out there. Circle track racers are so cheap that they will buy from anyone that produces parts for a nickel cheaper, so most the circle track parts houses are like Walmart - you can't buy it anywhere else cheaper.

Even if you are not in a claimer class, the motors that they put out are better running for the cost than almost anyplace you could have it built locally.

C10 Sleeper 
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C10 Sleeper
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01-03-10 05:53 PM - Post#1835441    
    In response to Vaughn

Claimer class or not lets see what the rules allow. I have some experiance in the circle track world and will offer my advice if I could see what is allowed. Also I like and have bought a lot of stuff from them.

Posts: 124

Loc: Scranton, PA
Reg: 11-03-05
01-03-10 07:08 PM - Post#1835502    
    In response to C10 Sleeper

We are not a claimer class. none of the tracks we race at, whether they be independent tracks or DIRT sanctioned tracks, do not allow motors to be claimed. The reason I want to build one is because I know it can be done cheaper that what our motor builders are making and charging for these motors. a 358ci smallblock is in the $25,000 range while a 467ci big block are going in the $40,000 range from the top three or four motor builders. I will post a copy of the engine rules for you all to take a look at. Thanks!

Posts: 124

Loc: Scranton, PA
Reg: 11-03-05
01-03-10 07:11 PM - Post#1835503    
    In response to Amab145

(The Speedway allows various engine combinations. This is a guideline for the more popular. The 10-1 Grandview style motors are not included other than weights.)
1. Only stock OEM American long block (in length) manufactured V-8 engines (GM, Ford, or Chrysler) are permitted.
2. Aftermarket Dart and Merlin cast iron blocks are permitted.
3. No aluminum blocks are permitted.
4. Only normally aspirated engines are permitted.
5. Maximum displacement of 467 cu. in. 396 cu. in will be the minimum displacement permitted! A 10 cubic inch max. limit will be allowed for wear.
6. No reverse rotation engines.
1. Engine limited to one four barrel carburetor from an established American carburetor manufacturer. A manufacturer, as defined by PCS, as a builder that produces a minimum of 600 units per year.
2. Carburetor not to exceed 4 venturies, 650 or 750 maxium on small blocks over 361 ci and must pass no go gauge.
3. No fuel injection, no nitrous oxide injection, no turbo chargers, or superchargers are permitted.
4. Holley hp carbs allowed.
5. No fuel or air may enter by any means other than stock operation of the carburetor.
6. No in-line venturi carburetors.
1. Optional as to design or manufacturer, but the manifold must allow for the mounting of only one 4 barrel carburetor.
2. Must be cast iron or cast aluminum only.
3. Porting is permitted.
1. Optional as to design or manufacturer but must be made of cast aluminum or cast iron only.
2. Any form of porting is permitted.
3. Valve sizes are optional.
4. Titanium valves and retainers are permitted.
5. No hollow stem valves or liquid cooled valves are permitted.
6. Only 2 valves per cylinder are permitted.
7. Only one spark plug per cylinder.
1. Optional as to design or manufacturer but camshaft must be in block in stock location.
2. Chain or belt drives are permitted.
3. No overhead cams are permitted.
1. Only aluminum pistons, with no coatings of any kind are permitted.
2. Any steel or cast iron crankshaft is permitted.
3. Any design, length, or make of steel rods are permitted.
4. No titanium crankshafts or rods are permitted.
1. Any kind of ignition is permitted, as long as it is mechanically driven in the stock position.
2. No crank trigger ignition systems are permitted.
3. Only one ignition coil and one ignition box (amplifier) are permitted on the car.
4. Only one spark plug per cylinder is permitted.
5. Traction control devices are not permitted. Traction control devises that use the brakes are also illegal.
6. Ignition boxes must remain as manufactured with no internal or external alterations. NOTE: Ignition boxes may be swapped or confiscated by PCS at any time.
7. Wiring must remain as designed by box manufacturer.
1. Conventional or dry sump may be used.
2. An internal or external pump is permitted.
3. Oil coolers are optional.
4. Only one oil tank and one oil cooler is permitted! Oil pan must be made from steel or aluminum only.
5. Air pumps / vacuum pumps that suck air from the oil pan are not permitted. Oil pan must have a 1” plug on the left side to allow for verification of steel crankshaft and rods.
6. Oil pans will be pulled down only when protested or in the absence of the 1” plug.
7. The oil tank and the oil cooler may be mounted outside the frame rails.
8. Oil tank maximum capacity not to exceed 12 US quarts.
9. Tank and cooler must be fully enclosed by the body and must be securely mounted. See cooler location in minimum specification rules. Excessive bracing used for mounting these items to obtain more left side weight is subject to the discretion of the track inspector.
1. Only VP racing fuel is permitted.
2. No nitrous or any other additives are permitted.
3. All fuels are subject to random testing at each track.
4. No electric fuel pumps are permitted.
5. Proof that racing fuel has been purchased at the track may be required by Race Officials.
1. This class is reserved for North American passenger car V-8 engines with cast iron blocks and iron cylinder heads. An option for Brodix aluminum cylinder heads is available.
2. All engines must maintain stock bore and stroke combinations
Engine Maximum Overbore C.I.
Chev 350 C.I 4.00” bore x 3.480” stroke. +.070 = 363
Chry. 360 C.I 4.00” bore x 3.578” stroke. +.020 = 364
Chry. 340 C.I 4.04” bore x 3.313” stroke. +.060 = 350
Ford 351 C.I 4.00” bore x 3.500” stroke. +.060 = 363
3. Engines may not pump more than specified cubic inch.
4. Normally aspirated engines only are permitted. No reverse rotation engines.
1. Stock OEM and cast iron performance blocks such as Chrysler (R) Block, Chevy Bow-Tie, Ford-SVO, and DART are permitted. NO Aluminum blocks.
1. Any steel or cast iron crank is permitted providing it maintains stock stroke as manufactured for the engine block used.
1. OEM stock production or aftermarket solid steel rods are permitted
2. No titanium or aluminum! Maximum rod length will be 6”.
3. Engines with longer than 6” rods must meet stock OEM specs.
1. Any make 3 ring flat top aluminum pistons only.
1. May be any stock OEM or aftermarket steel or cast-iron only.
2. No fluid or friction dampeners permitted.
3. Must be one piece construction only.
4. No bolts or snap-ring assemblies.
5. Safety snap rings are permitted.
6. Rubber-lined is permitted.
1. Optional as to design or manufacturer but camshaft must be in block in stock location.
2. No gear or belt drives are permitted.
3. No overhead cams are permitted.
4. Roller and or shaft rockers are permitted.
5. Stud girdles are permitted.
6. Lifters must retain stock diameters, angles and positions. Re- bushing for wear is permitted.
7. No lash caps permitted
1. Any American production cast aluminum single plane manifold that allows for the mounting of one 4 bbl. carburetor.
2. Part and casting numbers must remain visible and may not be removed by grinding or other.
3. Manifold may be ported as seen fit, but no material may be added.
1. One 650 or 750 cfm carburetor . Holley HP series allowed.
2. The carburetor must maintain stock venturi and throttle bore dimensions.
3. The carburetor must remain stock in all respects including location.
4. Booster height must remain stock (no cutting or polishing).
5. No visible modifications without disassembly.
6. Go/no-go gauge measurements valid on hot or cold carburetor.
7. Carburetor maximum height measured from bottom of carburetor base to machined horizontal gasket surface of block will be 7” in both front and rear of block.
8. Carburetor modifications permitted are listed below. Any other modification not mentioned is not legal.
- Holes drilled in the throttle plates for proper idling.
- Drilling, tapping and plugging of unused vacuum ports.
- Welding of throttle shaft to linkage arm.
- Drilling of idle or high speed air correction jets.
- Milling of center carburetor body metering block surface maximum of .015” on each side.
- Removal of choke plate and shaft.
- The jets may be changed as needed.
1. Ignition boxes must be mounted under hood, not in cockpit. They must be easily removed for inspection!
NOTE: PCS Management reserves the right to exchange or confiscate ignition boxes at any time.
2. Traction control devices are not permitted. Traction control devises that use the brakes are also illegal. Violators will be suspended from PCS competition for up to one year. Length of suspension to be determined by PCS management
3. Ignition boxes must remain as manufactured with no internal or external alterations. No crank trigger ignition systems permitted! Ignition must be mechanically driven in the stock position.
4. One ignition coil and one ignition box (amplifier) permitted on the car. Only one spark plug per cylinder is permitted.
5. Wiring must remain as designed by box manufacturer.
1. Dry sump system permitted.
2. Oil may be in a steel pan only.
3. Oil pan must have 3/4” inspection hole for connecting rod verification on left side of pan. You will be asked to remove oil pan if no inspection hole is present!
4. No external oil pumps permitted. NO vacuum pumps!
5. No Accu-sumps are permitted.
6. Oil coolers are permitted.
1. Only VP racing fuel is permitted for the 358 ported head cars. Commercially available pump gas may be used with the Brodix spec head.
2. No nitrous or any other additives are permitted.
3. All fuels subject to random testing at the track..
4. Fuel pumps must remain in and be driven as stock OEM equipment.
5. No electric pumps are permitted.


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