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Username Post: voltage regulator?        (Topic#224411)
Senior Member
Posts: 835
Loc: los angeles, ca
Reg: 04-18-05
08-24-09 07:40 AM - Post#1759473    

I am wondering what are some of the symptoms of having a faulty voltage regulator.

I am having issues with not being able to start my car after its been running for awhile. Here are some of the facts.

battery doesnt have enough juice to turn the engine over. starter just tries, but cant do it. Starter cant be over heated because if i hook up jumper cables it starts right up.

If I have HEI and buy a new voltage regulator, do i need to have that little condensor looking thing connected to the regulator?

Thanks for your help!

VIC One Repair Leads to Another! My 65 Chevy C-10 Blog

Posts: 290

Reg: 05-25-09
08-24-09 08:37 AM - Post#1759519    
    In response to salazar44

A voltage regulator would keep the output of the alternator at a certain voltage.

The alternator might be able to produce 18 volts, but that is too much!

You would want the voltage to be around 13/14 volts when the alternator is charging.

And a voltage regulator would be like a water valve. It would let more electricity through if needed - say you turned on the lights and A/C. Or less electricity through if you turned these off.

Since it is like a valve, if it broke, it could always be on full blast and too much voltage is getting through. Or totally off and no voltage is getting through. Or it may work when cold, but not when hot.

Test with a voltmeter.

The battery should read 12 something volts with just the ignition on (not started).

Then start it and it should then read 13/14 volts at the battery. This is the alternator kicking in and charging the battery.

And that little condenser thingy could be quite important to keeping the regulator working. It might fail sooner if that was not in place. These can go bad too. How to test capacitors... apaci...

Senior Member
Posts: 835
Loc: los angeles, ca
Reg: 04-18-05
08-24-09 09:53 AM - Post#1759558    
    In response to Billy_Bob

pretty awesome billy bob! thanks!
VIC One Repair Leads to Another! My 65 Chevy C-10 Blog

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