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Username Post: advice with a 327        (Topic#191909)
Senior Member
Posts: 227

Loc: Bellmore,N.Y.
Reg: 04-03-04
06-14-08 06:18 AM - Post#1455546    

I bought a 327 some time ago and just havent had the time to mess with it.It was a friends that came from a running car. he upgrade to a b/b. Until now all I knew was that it was a solid lifter cam engine with world heads, 7quart pan with a single plane, I think a torker? My buds were telling me it would work rather well in my 57 210 because I have a 4-speed with 3:73's. I pulled the timing chain searching for numbers to id the cam. I came away with a grind number of 300b-6. A quick google bought me to comp cams were I was able to print a spec card. Here goes:
dur @intake 300, ex.314
duration @.050 lift:in265 ex276
My questions are:
1.) will this set-up work for me?
2.) what type of power/horsepower am I looking at?
3.) What type of carb should I be looking at?
Currently I am running a mild 350 (260hp) @ rear wheels. I have 3/8 metal line to mech. pump then -6an up to carb. I was planning on swapping out the 350 in october since the 350 runs well and dont want any down time for summer cruising. The 350 leaks a fair amount of oil. Due to sloppy gasket placement of gaskets by p/o 15yrs ago or by time and abuse. Either way a change is a brewin"!
Any thoughts, pos. or neg. are welcomed. thanks in advance for any input

"12th Year" Gold Supporting Member
Posts: 11152
Age: 75
Loc: Rolling Hills, Ca,
Reg: 12-30-01
06-14-08 11:13 AM - Post#1455631    
    In response to twenty&out

In my opinion, that is an awfully big camshaft for a streeter, and if it were mine, I would go for a hyraulic lifter cam around 220 degrees duration @.050. I would also get rid of the single plane manifold and replace it with an Air Gap Performer.
A 750 carb would be more than adequate for a 327.
These changes will add a ton of bottom end and make it a whole lot easier to live with...My 331 with a performer RPM, 750 Edelbrock carb, 461x heads, and an Isky 280 cam made 373 horses on the dyno at about 6200 RPM. Torque was something like 310 ft lbs. In a 1650 pound car, it was a hoot !!!

Senior Member
Posts: 227

Loc: Bellmore,N.Y.
Reg: 04-03-04
06-15-08 06:47 PM - Post#1456523    
    In response to Thadd

I really didnt want to mess with the internals. I figured since I was running non power brakes and since it was a stick car this set-up might work. I have a dual plane on the 350. Should I use that instead of the torker single plane? What about carb?I have a 4150 mech. sec. holley (750) lying around. Maybe I'll use that. Should I contact holley for advice on power valve/jet set-up?

Senior Member
Posts: 264

Loc: CA
Reg: 02-17-02
06-16-08 11:43 AM - Post#1456979    
    In response to twenty&out

That cam will not be happy in a street car, and 3.73's are not steep enough to get it going. An Isky 270 mega cam would be perfect for your setup if you are around 9.5-10:1 compression. You didn't mention your heads or compression ratio so I just assummed flat top pistions and 462 camel hump heads.

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Senior Member
Posts: 227

Loc: Bellmore,N.Y.
Reg: 04-03-04
06-16-08 06:29 PM - Post#1457369    
    In response to Wheels56

they are world heads. I know nothing about them as well. I'll start looking into what they are this week. So this set up is a bust? Is this yet another boat anchor in my garage?

Posts: 62

Age: 48
Loc: Port Saint Lucie FL
Reg: 10-13-07
06-16-08 06:49 PM - Post#1457387    
    In response to twenty&out

Not a boat anchor. Just a bit hot for the street. A moderate cam swap and you will be styling for the weekend cruise.

Dedicated Enthusiast
Posts: 6441
Age: 53
Loc: Kansas
Reg: 02-16-03
06-16-08 08:19 PM - Post#1457457    
    In response to fcsallan

I think he should know what the compression ratio is before suggesting cams. With a cam that big it might be pretty high and a modern cam will make way too much cylinder pressure My 5¢.

Regards, Jeff
1998 K1500 6.5 Coal burner
1965 C10 with 498 BBC AFR Heads
1964 C10 Ran 348W for 6 years, now SBC.

Corvettes owned: '74 '77 '78 L82 Silver Anniversary, 2002 LS1

Don't have a nervous come together!

"13th Year" Silver Supporting Member
Posts: 1910
Loc: Macomb, IL
Reg: 10-18-01
06-17-08 06:03 AM - Post#1457706    
    In response to fritz1990

If they are World heads, chances are they are S/R or S/R Torquer heads which have either 67 or 76 cc chambers. That is a significant difference so you will need to determine which you have before you go any further. In case you do not know how to do this, get a piece of plexiglass large enough to cover the combustion chamber, drill a hole in the center, run a small bead of lithium grease around the edge of the chamber and push the plexiglass into it to stick it down. Level the head. Use a syringe to fill the chamber with water or alcohol up to the bottom of he plexiglass. The number of cc's will tell you which cc chamber you have.

"There's no 12-step program for stupid."

383 sbc, Eagle, AFR, SRP, CompCams, Edelbrock, Sanderson. Dyno #'s: 450 hp @ 5700, 468 ft. lbs. torque @ 4300. n

Senior Member
Posts: 2873
Age: 69
Loc: Sidney, B.C.
Reg: 12-03-05
06-17-08 08:04 AM - Post#1457815    
    In response to rumrumm

sorry to butt in but one can use anything flat that will adhere the same and just fill to the bottom of the hole. the plex just lets you see it (liquid ) rise
64 GMC 4x4 1/2t panel /...

Senior Member
Posts: 227

Loc: Bellmore,N.Y.
Reg: 04-03-04
06-17-08 05:07 PM - Post#1458328    
    In response to sidworks

will a p# tell me what they are? between cyln. 1&3 is w-m-09-94 between 3/5 is NH and 5/7 is I-037

Senior Member
Posts: 9558
Loc: Plano, TX
Reg: 08-28-03
06-18-08 07:46 AM - Post#1458747    
    In response to twenty&out

What is the full CompCams P/N?

Even taking into account that duration of a solid lifter cam is actually a little lower than advertised (due to valve lash), that's a lot of cam for the street and will work well only with the proper heads, high compression, and a lower rear axle and/or first gear.

I'd say shoot for something in the range of 220-230 @ .050" lift, assuming 9.0:1 - 10.0:1 compression. And I'd certainly go through the engine completely while it's out of the car.

As a 327 owner, I can tell you those little motors are a lot of fun with the right parts and gearing, but have to rev another 1,000 RPM or so to make power comparable to a similarly-built 350.

1982 C-10 SWB pickup -- Unmolested, original paint, 250 six, 3-on-the-tree
(Soon to be 350 w/Vortec heads & TH350)

Sold my 55 sedan in June 2014, having owned it 11 years.

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"13th Year" Gold Supporting Member
Posts: 16031

Loc: Colorado Springs, CO
Reg: 08-08-04
06-18-08 07:57 AM - Post#1458753    
    In response to MikeB

You could call World Products and ask what heads they are.

51 Trade Zone Court n Ronkonkoma, NY 11779
Tel: (631) 981-1918 Fax: (631) 737-0467

If they have been decked at all, CC'ing will be the only way to tell what the combustion chamber volume is.

From their Faqs page:
Which cylinder heads do I have and what are the component specs for the valves and springs?
All the heads we make have cast-in letters and codes under the valve cover. It is important to note that World is not affiliated with Dart or Roush although very early castings may have some of these markings. When calling customer service, first reference the markings on your head. A code such as "I-037 ” or "WOR-070B" determine the family of head. Ford iron heads have Windsor (200cc runner) or J/R (170cc runner) cast in place. The numbers stamped on the end pads of a head are the abbreviated World part number. If the spring and valve size/type is desired, you must first measure the diameter of your spring and then the World rep can provide more complete specs. We cannot determine the chamber size by any markings so that must be measured by the owner.

55 Shaker 
Posts: 1266
55 Shaker
Age: 65
Loc: north central IL.
Reg: 03-13-06
06-18-08 08:49 AM - Post#1458792    
    In response to Vaughn

I also have a 327 with world heads that I purchased. I have "S/R 1-052" stamped between cylinders 5/7 on mine. I called world products, but they couldn't give me a whole lot of information. The engine runs good, so I sure don't want to pull the heads off to find out. Anybody out there have any ideas?

TIA. Brian
The older I get, the more dangerous, I am !!!!

Senior Member
Posts: 227

Loc: Bellmore,N.Y.
Reg: 04-03-04
06-21-08 11:15 AM - Post#1461059    
    In response to 55 Shaker

what would happened if I choose to install as is? Will it not hold a idle? I'd have to rev it out much higher to make any sort of power?

Senior Member
Posts: 9558
Loc: Plano, TX
Reg: 08-28-03
06-21-08 03:24 PM - Post#1461172    
    In response to twenty&out

  • twenty&out Said:
what would happened if I choose to install as is? Will it not hold a idle? I'd have to rev it out much higher to make any sort of power?

I think it would idle rough, suck gas, and be flat on the bottom.

1982 C-10 SWB pickup -- Unmolested, original paint, 250 six, 3-on-the-tree
(Soon to be 350 w/Vortec heads & TH350)

Sold my 55 sedan in June 2014, having owned it 11 years.

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